F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms a magnifier lamp comprises a light, a lens and a stand. There are many different variations but the principle of all magnifier lamps is that the combined strength of extra magnification and illumination makes it easier to perform hands-free tasks.

An LED (light emitting diode) is an electronic light source with very high brightness. Used today in everything from street lighting to bike lamps, an LED emits a powerful, heat-free light, which lasts longer and uses less energy than traditional bulbs. Magnifier lamps with LEDs  are ideal for beauty therapy, jewellery making and electronics where colours or components may need to be matched or distinguished.

Some users find LEDs to be a little strong, and prefer the more natural ‘daylight’ illumination that comes from fluorescent lighting. For reading, low-vision and hobbies, daylight magnifier lamps provide comfortable, even light, and unlike LEDs have the added benefit that bulbs are replaceable.

Ultimately it’s really down to personal preference. Neither LED nor daylight are quite the same as natural light, which will almost always be easier on your eyes, but as an extra means of illumination they are probably the current best available options.

As a general rule, the larger the lens the lower the magnification. Most magnifier lamps tend to have lens diameters of 4 inches (10cm) or more. They have a large, comfortable field of view with plenty of space beneath the lens for hands to move freely. Of course most have adjustable arms so the lens can normally be moved in or out over the subject.

To the best of our knowledge it is not possible to manufacture lenses of this size with more than about two times (2x) magnification strength. We do offer some stand magnifiers for hands-free use with stronger lenses but the pay-off is that that they are invariably smaller, lenses are fixed and the focal distance from lens to subject is shorter.

We sell a number of accessories, including bulbs, clamps, table bases and floorstands. Beyond that most magnifier lamps are very solidly built and should give years of use if looked after properly. As electrical items they are designed with safety in mind, so it is not possible, or advisable, to try and reach or repair most internal parts.

Yes, all our larger-format lamps – the ones with extending swing arms – can be fixed to the edge of a table or workbench with a clamp, which is supplied. If you do not want to clamp one of these lamps to a table, then an alternative is to buy a separate table base. We also offer a number of desk lamp magnifiers with integral weighted bases that give them stability on a flat surface.

The Colour Rendering Index (or CRI) is a figure which shows how accurately a light will render a colour, on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being regarded as closest to true colour. Anything around 80 or more is generally acceptable where colour rendering forms part of a buying decision. In everyday life we may not think much about this beyond perhaps trying to sort out similar dark clothing colours, but for professionals, colour reproduction is very important. Artists, photographers and beauticians are among those who depend on colour matching. That’s why many professionals like magnifier lamps with LEDs, which have bright, artic-like white light and CRIs of 80 or 90.

Our stock levels are generally excellent, which means we can normally despatch either same day, or next working day after receiving your order. We normally say to allow 5-7 days for delivery. If an item is going to take longer than 14 days to arrive we will notify you, or add a note to show this on our web site.

All magnifier lamps, and larger accessories will normally be sent by courier because of the weight, size and value of the items. Spare bulbs/tubes and smaller items may be sent by post.

No – please ask us. We have been going for such a long time that we can normally source and supply any magnifier lamp, even if it is not shown on our web site. Our own range comprises the best magnifying lamps for art, beauty, craft, cross stitching, electronics, low vision, medical use, needlework, reading and repair and other popular applications, but please contact us if you cannot see what you need.